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This should take care of offending everyone today

donald trump on a lion

Thanks Brooke

A black immigrant asks Lithuanian natives to help him translate comments posted to his Facebook page

A social experiment in Lithuania is going viral for the emotion it is stirring. In the video several actors arrive for a commercial audition. What they don’t know is that the audition has already started.

In the waiting area is a Black man who, as he says, has only been in Lithuania for two weeks. Because he doesn’t yet know the language, he asks for help translating a Facebook comment that happens to be extremely vile.

How the people respond to the man’s difficult request is very moving.

Young Girl And Her Brother Savagely Attacked

This video is sickening and should make you irate. Please share so this person is caught. An older teen girl beats a young girl while her younger brothers watches in horror. Click the link below for the full video.

Young Girl and Little Brother attacked


Video posted on facebook shows a brutal attack on a young female and her little brother in Indianapolis. While being beaten, the young girl asks, “What did I do? What did I do? No. What did I do? Please stop.” As the victim was asking why she was being attacked, one of the boys in the group appeared to answer, “You white, b***h.”

Location of attack: 3500 Brookside Pkwy S Dr Indianapolis, IN 46201

Perpetrator’s Alias: “Nook”


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJRwrM_zjYvxlmMLna_r6ag/discussion (Her YouTube)

https://www.facebook.com/shania.bryant.750?fref=photo (Who posted the video above on fb)

HER PHONE: (317)-564-9488

Her “boo”‘s PHONE:
Jawon Jones (765)-669-1978


via MN Police Clips

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Prior Lake dad uses YouTube to share the bullying his daughter in going through

This is unbelievable. Just sickening. If you have a child at Prior Lake High School or live in the city, demand the district expel these bullies. Prior Lake High School Phone: (952) 226-8600

Reposted from MyFoxTwinCities

A Prior Lake father is calling out his daughter’s bullies on YouTube, Snapchat evidence and racist voicemails included.

In a nearly 6-minute YouTube video, father Brad Knudson opens by saying his words aren’t scripted, but they’re emotional.

“We have a very beautiful African American daughter that we were very fortunate enough to adopt 11 years ago. We’ve dealt with a little bit of racism, you know, stares, things like that when she calls us mom or dad, but she didn’t notice so we just blew it off because it was directed towards us,” he says in the video.

However, on New Year’s Eve, Knudson says a set of twin freshman girls from Prior Lake High School sent his daughter a few Snapchats, smartphone video messages that disappear after they’re viewed. Knudson said his daughter’s friend, who was with her at the time, brought the incident to his attention, and upon receiving the fourth Snapchat, he and his wife recorded it with their own phones. In the Snap, the speaker calls the recipient “such a slut, “a n*****,” and a “fat a** b****.”

Upset and aware of the destructive behavior bullying can prompt, Knudson called the twins’ parents, left messages on their home phone, went to their house, but couldn’t get in touch with them. Then, he went to the police. Police at Prior Lake High School apparently talked to the girls and the parents, who issued their cell phone number. Knudson called the twins’ father, Deron Puro, who told Knudson the explicit language was commonly used around his house and didn’t think much of it, Knudson says in his YouTube video.

A voicemail, apparently from Puro, said the following:

“Yeah, Brad, tides have turned, huh? I guess you’re n***** lover. Call me back.”

He called back, told Puro he planned to post about their correspondence, and Puro allegedly told him that was fine.

The Knudsons want to put an end to racist bullying and the emotional damage it can cause.

“I just had to get this off my chest, I just don’t know what to do, other than say I love my daughter and I don’t want her committing suicide because of this,” Knudson said.


Resources and books on bullying for parents


mlk sale

Global Village, an irreverent retailer offering clothes, jewelry, incense, instruments and other global imports, offered “25 percent off everything black!” on Monday, meaning any merchandise with the color black in it was on sale.



Yankee fans

This pretty much sums up all Yankee fans. 

yankee fans


Rappin’ for Jesus

Pastor Jim Colerick and his wife Mary Sue from West Dubuque Church of Christ, drop the beat and serve up some whack rhymes about how Jesus is their N#@*&. Unreal. I about died from laughter on this one.

Spotted at the DNC

A DNC-goer stands on the convention floor on the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 4, 2012.

"Once you vote black, you never go back" button on display at the DNC.

Photo: Reuters – Jessica Rinald

I get the joke, but it’s actually a distraction from the message Obama supporters need to be spreading right now.

This kind of open racism would have been blasted if an “elect whitey” message had been on display at the RNC. Just saying.

Montreal restaurant brawl caught on tape

Revellers at a Chinese restaurant rang in the New Year with a booze-fuelled brawl that caused thousands of dollars in damage.

The brawl broke out on New Year’s Eve around 4 a.m. at the New Dynasty Restaurant in the downtown Chinatown district.

A Youtube video shows 50 black and Asian patrons smashing each other with chairs and beer bottles, leaving the restaurant’s carpets stained with blood. (NSFW language)

(via CANOE)

Your Racist, Shilling, Sad Sack Status Updates Are Why People Keep Unfriending You

angry facebookA new study shows why people drop you as a Facebook friend.

23% of people unfriend for depressing comments; 20% for “lack of interaction” (sorry, dead people!); 14% for “political comments”; 11% for “breakup/divorce”; 8% for “don’t like their friends” (you just chuckled in recognition, didn’t you?); “update profile too often” and “they add too many people” tied at 6% and “they don’t update often enough” coming in last at 3%.

I’m guilty of some of these.

Summary (as Gawker put it) – “Your Racist, Shilling, Sad Sack Status Updates Are Why People Keep Unfriending You”

So if you don’t care and want to lose all your friends immediately, just post the following status update every five minutes for a week:

Why can’t [members of racial group] be more like [members of other racial group] and vote for [political party]? Buy my homemade jewelry so that I won’t have to kill myself.
(via Gawker and nm incite)