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Notable stories from the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

The bread aisle during a Minnesota snowstorm

The bread aisle during a Minnesota snowstorm

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Seahawks vs Vikings – Missed field goal reaction COMPILATION

Worth watching (warning strong language).


The kick is good!

Minnesota Vikings Steve Harvey

Minneapolis bike shop owner does the coolest thing for customer

Full story here

What Vikings fans call the Seattle Seahawks

rainy bitch pigeons

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Straight Outta Gray Duck

Straight Outta Gray Duck

5 Minnesota Podcasts You Should Subscribe To

Whether you are from Minnesota or not, these 5 homegrown podcasts will entertain you.

Levi Weinhagen, “Pratfalls of Parenting”

The affable Weinhagen uses his chops as a comedian, arts journalist and dad to make this Tuesday staple a freewheeling riff on local arts and kid-rearing that feels like a good hang with a buddy at the park as the kids romp. Listen in as Weinhagen pumps up the various local arts scenes, and compares parenting notes with writers, comics, playwrights, actors, musicians, and himself.   

Duck Duck Gray Duck – Navigating the Nonsense and Spotlighting the Profound

Designed for Gen Xers, this politically incorrect podcast featuring childhood friends Frank & JJ Bugs from South Minneapolis, highlights a humorous mix politics, celebrity gossip, entertainment news, sports, parenting, weird stuff, mixed with local commentary. This podcast is only a year old, so now is a great time to be one of the early adopters no matter what your age or background.

Tommy Mischke, “The Mischke Road Show”

Hard to believe that maverick Mischke’s traveling circus is but a year-and-a-half old; his music- and sound-affects-flecked treks in and around St. Paul and Minneapolis and on to Kansas and Nashville have borne terrific yarns and newsworthy notes, and his recent greatest-hits package from his freewheeling nights at KSTP remind the faithful of his rare spoken-word talents and provide a promise of much more to come. Dude’s a poet, rocker, and writer of the first order, and we’re lucky to have him – now just a click away any time of the day or night.

Tom Barnard, “The Tom Barnard Show”

The KQRS King of morning radio set up The Tom Barnard NetworkThis podcast is the kinder, more conversational version of Barnard, though one wishes it would more often stretch beyond the same drive-time snoozathon that is The KQ Morning Show.

Wrong About Everything

A fun, irreverent and bipartisan look at Minnesota and national politics. Two Liberals and Two Conservatives debate the issues of the day with humor and vigor.



St. Paul, MN

St. Paul, MN Mickey's


3 Ways Failed Cyber Monday Shoppers

target cyber monday fail

For Cyber Monday, offered 15%t off of any items online to all shoppers. Too bad Target’s site couldn’t quite handle the traffic.

Twitter lit up with complaints about the retailer and even got itself a brand new hashtag #TargetFail. Read them for yourself.

Bottom line is that Target wasn’t prepared and hasn’t done a good job of creating a good online shopping experience. Here are 3 ways they failed.

Fail #1 – Many had to wait all day just to add items to their online shopping cart. Instead they got a message like the one pictured above. This drove countless people to (including myself).

Fail #2 – Additionally, some users found that items they wanted on the site were not eligible for shipping! Umm, why show items for sale on an e-commerce site if you don’t ship those items?

Fail #3 – 15% may not have been a deal anyway.

The first picture is a screen capture of Target’s Web site yesterday during their 15% off store-wide special for Cyber Monday. (Price of the item I was looking at is $439.99) fail

The second one is a screen capture from their Web site today (AFTER, the day after their store-wide “special”. (Price of the item I was looking at is back to the normal price of $399.99). SCAM! fail

Yes, I know that the 15% off would have resulted in price slightly lower than the standard price anyway, but it’s misleading to arbitrarily raise the price on specific items during the sale day.

Tweet Examples fail fail fail


We are Fallon

pat-fallon 2015

Reposted from AdWeek: The legacy of Pat Fallon in Minneapolis cannot be overstated. The founder and longtime CEO of Fallon, who died last Friday at age 70, almost singlehandedly turned Minneapolis into a nationally respected creative hub. He personally helped to launch the careers of hundreds of advertising people. And his agency’s work helped to transform the industry.

Upon hearing of Fallon’s death, Doug deGrood, a former Fallon staffer and now partner at crosstown agency GdB, got to work on a tribute ad for his former boss. He wrote a few lines of copy thanking Pat—not just on behalf of himself or GdB, but from the entire ad community of Minneapolis.

Then, he and a few others worked the phones, contacting more than 40 Twin Cities agencies asking to use their logos in the ad. You can see the resulting ad below—a full page running today (the day of Pat’s funeral) in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

It’s a fitting tribute to man who gave a whole community the belief, and the example, that they could achieve great things from their home on the prairie.

See the larger image here

Buy Pat Fallon’s classic book on advertising “Juicing the Orange” here.

Ad for Pat Fallon