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Notable stories from the Land of 10,000 Lakes.


Standard obituary in Minnesota

john ford obit

John Ford of Plymouth Minnesota passed away after a Vikings loss. Your MN Vikings torment is over.


Other funny obituaries here.

St. Paul named the ‘worst’ city in Minnesota

St. Paul

24/7 Wall St. created an index consisting of over two dozen measures to identify the worst cities to live in in every state. It’s has seen a major uptick in homicides this year which is likely tipping the scales here.

Minnesota: St. Paul
• Population: 300,820
• Median home value: $187,400 (state: $199,700)
• Poverty rate: 20.4% (state: 10.5%)
• Violent crimes per 100,000 people: 651 (state: 238)

Crime, especially violent crime like robbery and homicide, can greatly detract from quality of life in any city. In St. Paul, there were 651 violent crimes for every 100,000 people, more than double the violent crime rate of 238 incidents per 100,000 people across Minnesota as a whole. (via)

Crime is often concentrated in poor areas, and in St. Paul 20.4% of the population lives below the poverty line, nearly double the 10.5% state poverty rate.

Okay Minnesotans, what do you think is the worst city in MN? Sound off!



What to do if you fall through the ice

If you live in a climate where the lakes freeze over and you spend time out on the ice, you should watch this video. It could save your life.

Poll: Who makes the best Juicy Lucy in Minneapolis?

A Jucy Lucy or Juicy Lucy is a cheeseburger with cheese inside the meat instead of on top, resulting in a melted core of cheese. Two bars in Minneapolis (Matt’s and 5-8 Club) claim to be the inventor of the burger, though other bars and restaurants have created their own interpretations of the style.

Who do you think makes the best tasting Lucy?

Typical Minnesota Winter Weather Forecast

minnesota winters


Ope, it looks like she’s gonna snow fer sher.

Minnesota Music: Cory Wong “Today I’m Gonna Get Myself a Real Job”

Minnesotans get especially protective of any talent that originates from our state. We do it with an urgency akin to “calling shotgun,” and quietly hope the artist won’t abandon us when they become famous.

Cory Wong is one of those Minnesota musicians whose star is rising.  He has dropped his second solo album “Motivational Music for the Syncopated Soul” and can been seen as a regular with the “Late Night With Stephen Colbert” band.  A track from the album has him dreaming about quitting the music biz and getting a “real” job so he doesn’t have to worry about “ticket sales or critics or Spotify statistics.” For anyone who isn’t following their passion (or is following it and getting discouraged), this song might just speak to you.

The song ends with the prudent lyric, “And I know I’m not the best, but I know that I can rest, knowing today that I don’t ever need a real job.

If you like “Today I’m Gonna Get Myself a Real Job,” you can purchase it here (affiliate link).

Anti-drug Campaign Ideas for Minnesota

In support of our lovely neighbors in SoDak. Let’s win this war together!


(via) – Some great other state anti-drug slogan ideas at the jump.

MN Meth



The bread aisle during a Minnesota snowstorm

The bread aisle during a Minnesota snowstorm

via Fox 9

Seahawks vs Vikings – Missed field goal reaction COMPILATION

Worth watching (warning strong language).


The kick is good!

Minnesota Vikings Steve Harvey