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Wait for it

(via laugh-til-ya-fart)


The most hilarious news bloopers of 2015

Watch woman lose $100 at the movie theater

Sex Toys or Beauty Products?

In a cruel fake focus group, people were asked to test out the most cutting edge beauty products about to hit the market. They were really testing sex toys.

How to fit your girlfriend for a neck brace

Good thing they saved her from all of that super hard water in exchange for some awkward impact on some shock absorbent steel.

There is a Reason The Slide is Closed

And this guy learned the hard way.

False Advertising

Think that expensive new phone case is really damage proof? Maybe you should test it first with something other than your actual phone.

Shop for durable phone cases here.

Bosnian guys playing frisbee at the beach

Do they not have frisbees in Bosnia?


Jim Gaffigan playing frisbee

Best Videobomb News Bloopers in YouTube History

Newsin’ ain’t easy.

Aunt Lou Lou’s 102nd Birthday

Blowing out candles at this age can be hazardous and hilarious.