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Incredible Moment When A Father Of Four Hears Silence For The First Time

This father of four hasn’t heard silence in more than ten years. Watch the magical moment when, thanks to break through technology, he finally experiences it again.


When your wife asks you to hold her purse

Well done sir.

holding purse



Did your parents have a TV like this when you were a child?

old tv


Every Kiss Begins With K

about kissing


Messing with Dad’s phone

changing no to hell yeah on dad's phone


Advice about children

advice about children

Top 15 Names Most Associated With Crazy Women

top crazy woman names

Using a complex formula of reader write-ins, past experience, and crazy women news stories, and other lists like this, we have compiled a list of names most associated with bat s*** CRAZY women. If your name appears on the list, we are sorry. Please don’t get offended and start getting weird and psycho on us.

1. Alex (Think Fatal Attraction)
2. Tiffany (Probably sleeping with your friend to get back at you)
3. Jody (Too many reasons to list)
4. Allison (Stalking you)
5. Rebecca (Becky) Talks A LOT and really fast
6. Lakeesha (Oh no she didn’t)
7. Christine (Probably se your stuff on fire)
8. Kelly (Weeps…a lot)
9. Jennifer (Said with a Valley Girl accent)
10. Stephanie (Laughs inappropriately and loudly)
11.  Shannon (Probably smacked someone)
12. Angie (Probably super jealous)
13. Lindsey (Drugs and more drugs)
14. Andrea (Charging a ton of s*** on your credit card right now)
15. Heather (Hangs out with your family even after dumped her)

What do you think? Did we miss any names?

Relationship Goals

relationship goals


Cool Star Wars toys

Writing Alimony Checks Like A Boss

Guys has his face, and the face of his new girlfriend printed on the alimony checks he writes to his ex-wife.

alimony checks