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Spirit Airlines decides oral sex will woo travelers

Spirit Airlines urges travelers to “go down on us” to the Caribbean. If their skills in this area are anything like how they run an airline, this would be the worst sexual experience ever.




mlk sale

Global Village, an irreverent retailer offering clothes, jewelry, incense, instruments and other global imports, offered “25 percent off everything black!” on Monday, meaning any merchandise with the color black in it was on sale.



Worst Marketing Decision Ever

pro-life coat hangers

Photo from Ben at Lifehacksimmediately

Springdale Drycleaners of Cincinnati, Ohio, has been etching “Choose Life” ads on wire coat hangers used to hang dry-cleaning.



Perfectly horrible placement for a cruise ship ad

Unfortunate Juxtaposition spotted in today’s edition of the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter, a full-page ad promoting cruise line packages just to the right of a full-page article about the Costa Concordia disaster.

Newspaper layout people should know better than this when a disaster has occurred.

Unfortunate Juxtaposition

Six dead, 16 missing is the latest count in the Costa Concordia disaster. A couple from Minnesota are among the missing.
(via Copyranter)