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Social Distancing Whopper

Burger King wins the day with this new ad guaranteeing social distancing with extra onions.


McDonald’s and Burger King doing it right #COVID-19


Baskin-Robbins doing it right

A Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in Kansas has seen sales double since adding this to their outdoor sign. The runway for references to “Tiger King” is starting to run out, but good to see them get some marketing mileage from it.


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Quarantine Whopper

What I’m making tonight… DIY Burger King dinner prep.


vi Ads of the World

McDonald’s and Burger King doing it right #COVID-19


McDonald’s and Burger King doing it right #COVID-19

McDonald’s and Burger King doing it right in regards to promoting social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic.

BK Covidmcdonalds covid


Because Bacon

Although I have not been to Vietnam to try their puppy bacon.

bacon billboard

Support bacon buy buying this shirt on Amazon (Affiliate Link).


South Dakota’s Awkward New Meth Awareness Campaign


South Dakota Meth

South Dakota’s new anti-drug campaign has the internet losing their collective minds. The ads feature the slogan “Meth. We’re On It!” It has been reported that the project ran about $449,000 to create. The double meaning has people arguing if it is horrible or brilliant. Whatever your opinion, it has people talking. The PR value of that alone has easily paid for the project. And who knows, maybe your family will meet Tuco Salamanca at Mount Rushmore when you visit next summer. #BreakingBadlands

The Brazilian Wax Groupon You’ll Probably get for Christmas this year

Don’t worry, it’s probably legit.

Brazilian Wax Sign Guy

via TOSH

3 Ways Failed Cyber Monday Shoppers

target cyber monday fail

For Cyber Monday, offered 15%t off of any items online to all shoppers. Too bad Target’s site couldn’t quite handle the traffic.

Twitter lit up with complaints about the retailer and even got itself a brand new hashtag #TargetFail. Read them for yourself.

Bottom line is that Target wasn’t prepared and hasn’t done a good job of creating a good online shopping experience. Here are 3 ways they failed.

Fail #1 – Many had to wait all day just to add items to their online shopping cart. Instead they got a message like the one pictured above. This drove countless people to (including myself).

Fail #2 – Additionally, some users found that items they wanted on the site were not eligible for shipping! Umm, why show items for sale on an e-commerce site if you don’t ship those items?

Fail #3 – 15% may not have been a deal anyway.

The first picture is a screen capture of Target’s Web site yesterday during their 15% off store-wide special for Cyber Monday. (Price of the item I was looking at is $439.99) fail

The second one is a screen capture from their Web site today (AFTER, the day after their store-wide “special”. (Price of the item I was looking at is back to the normal price of $399.99). SCAM! fail

Yes, I know that the 15% off would have resulted in price slightly lower than the standard price anyway, but it’s misleading to arbitrarily raise the price on specific items during the sale day.

Tweet Examples fail fail fail



Super Size me!

mcdonalds bus ad

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