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Fighting Jesus

When you should just turn the other cheek.


VIDEO: Chargers / Cowboys fans fight in parking lot
Funny Blindfold Boxing

Girl attacked while holding her baby

I don’t want to live here anymore. And to dance while she is beaten? WTF? Warning: Disturbing video

via MNPoliceClips

Very reminiscent of this video

Young Girl And Her Brother Savagely Attacked

This video is sickening and should make you irate. Please share so this person is caught. An older teen girl beats a young girl while her younger brothers watches in horror. Click the link below for the full video.

Young Girl and Little Brother attacked


Video posted on facebook shows a brutal attack on a young female and her little brother in Indianapolis. While being beaten, the young girl asks, “What did I do? What did I do? No. What did I do? Please stop.” As the victim was asking why she was being attacked, one of the boys in the group appeared to answer, “You white, b***h.”

Location of attack: 3500 Brookside Pkwy S Dr Indianapolis, IN 46201

Perpetrator’s Alias: “Nook”


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJRwrM_zjYvxlmMLna_r6ag/discussion (Her YouTube)

https://www.facebook.com/shania.bryant.750?fref=photo (Who posted the video above on fb)

HER PHONE: (317)-564-9488

Her “boo”‘s PHONE:
Jawon Jones (765)-669-1978


via MN Police Clips

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Two punches. Two knockouts.

knock out

How all shoplifters should be dealt with

Watch what happens when this guy shoplifts a shirt.

shoplifting video

VIDEO: Chargers / Cowboys fans fight in parking lot

Warning: Fight video with bad language. I agree with what a YouTube commenter said, “two guys get beer bottles to the head and this dude wont quit bitching about his f****** arm.

Cleveland Bus Driver Punches Woman in the Face

This bus driver had enough of this woman and absolutely throttled her in her giant mouth. Looks like she had it coming. Read full story. WARNING: Language and violence.

Guess I know why they call Ohio a “swing state.”

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Beating of tourist in Baltimore [VIDEO]

A tourist was beaten, robbed and stripped naked in Baltimore as a crowd laughs and watches. Watch the disturbing video below, and share it with others so the attackers can be identified.

Fight caught on tape at Disneyland

Video of a man fighting with Disneyland security and getting pepper sprayed. Someone needs to edit this video and dub in some Dada.

Montreal restaurant brawl caught on tape

Revellers at a Chinese restaurant rang in the New Year with a booze-fuelled brawl that caused thousands of dollars in damage.

The brawl broke out on New Year’s Eve around 4 a.m. at the New Dynasty Restaurant in the downtown Chinatown district.

A Youtube video shows 50 black and Asian patrons smashing each other with chairs and beer bottles, leaving the restaurant’s carpets stained with blood. (NSFW language)

(via CANOE)