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Salute a fallen hero

Not the first. Not the last. We salute them all.

doctor dies of coronavirus

via 9GAG

Directing traffic at Chick-Fil-A during COVID

Salute this guy for keeping people entertained during a stressful time. #PublicService


Toilet Swirl

If drunk, I’d probably go on the floor there.

toilet swirl

Funny signs and decor for any bathroom


Actual Footage of the Makers of Purell and Lysol

There is no doubt that the makers of Lysol and Purell will be reporting excellent Q2 / Q3 earnings.


People in China caught on surveillance trying to spread Coronavirus


Salma Hayek iconic dance scene

Salma Hayek dancing in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn. She was 30 years old when this movie was filmed in 1996.

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Hoarder Alert

Neighbor from hell. Could you imagine the stench?



Probably the only photo you’ll ever see of a house so packed that it’s literally busting at the seams.


Why your insurance agent didn’t call you back

This photo shows a beautiful Lamborghini parked in a Dutch ditch. Hope they had full coverage. Now I see why doors like this come in handy.

Lambo in a Dutch ditch
Unboxing a Lamborghini
Lamborghini Lego model kit (Amazon affiliate)
Lamborghini model kit

GIF Peanut Butter

How do you pronounce GIF? Well, people from Jif and Giphy have teamed up to release a special edition jar of peanut butter to help teach the world how to say it correctly.

gif jif buy

Apparently, you can now buy a Special Edition Jar of GIF peanut butter on Amazon (affiliate link)if there are any left available.


Down to Duck

Rare photo of the early Duck Duck Gray Duck fan club.



Massive crocodile caught in Australia

record size croc

Per the report here, it is 5.1 meters (i.e. 16.7 feet) long despite missing a huge chunk of its tail.

  • Matt Wright, host of television show ‘Outback Wrangler’ captured the croc

  • He said the croc had been eating a farmer’s livestock in the Northern Territory

  • Mr Wright took the massive crocodile to his farm and gave it a new, safe home

massive croc

Things to do in Australia – Crocodile Cage Diving! (see photos)
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