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Ready for a little pee to come out?




Standard obituary in Minnesota

john ford obit

John Ford of Plymouth Minnesota passed away after a Vikings loss. Your MN Vikings torment is over.


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News Anchor and Reporter Get in Fight on Live TV

2001 footage of Dick Oliver and anchor Jim Ryan exchange some words during a news segment.

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The Theme Song of Every Dog

Dog is Sting fan



Poor kitten can’t quite make it

OMG that face!

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Incredible Moment When A Father Of Four Hears Silence For The First Time

This father of four hasn’t heard silence in more than ten years. Watch the magical moment when, thanks to break through technology, he finally experiences it again.

The 3 Hardest Things to Say

hard things to say.jpg


via 9GAG


5 billion joules of the Holy Spirit

How is the camera man is still standing?


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Pastor describes punching kid all in the name of God

Officially Coming Full Circle

If you are thinking about buying AirPods (affiliate link) this holiday season, then maybe you want to defeat the whole purpose and get yourself some carrying straps (buy here link Amazon) for them as well.

air pods



Jumping over rolling hay bales.