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Ready for a little pee to come out?


The Last Season of America

The Last Season of America


50 Caliber Handguns

50 Caliber Handguns

Facebook today

Sadly, this happens every day on both sides of every issue. The Shania law stuff did make me laugh though.

facebook today

Northern MN bar?

Seriously, where is this place?
Probably a bar up north

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How do you like your toast?

I prefer 4 or 10.

toast shades

Chinese Rap I discovered on Napster back in 1997


BRADLEY LUM, the Creator & Voice of the Comical Asian Rap Star “Tai Mai Shu” is still a huge hit on Youtube. He is a Stand-up Comedian/Actor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

You can find some real Chinese rap here

Very specific toilet sign

toilet sign

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Hilarious Birthday Interview with 110 Year Flossie Dickey

Good Day Spokane anchor Nichole Mischke interviewed 110-Year-Old Flossie Dickey on her birthday. What you will learn is that Flossie no longer gives a shit.

John Oliver on Donald Trump

If you are considering voting for the Donald, you should watch this.

Thanks Frank Walsh

Donald Trump holding a dove

The nest is on his head.

Donald Trump holding a dove