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Barely Surviving the Bench Press

Guy nearly kills himself maxing out on the bench press in this TikTok video. Use a spotter guys.


Signs you have a drinking problem

Clearly wasted dude decides to take a shot of ethanol.


How to walk your pet birds

Taking your parrots for a jog!



Woman who knows started fire and why

A lady from Youngstown, Ohio admits on live television that her cousin started a fire because he couldn’t ‘get’ with her. I assumed it was a meth lab fire set by a guy listening to Insane Clown Posse.


Think about this next time you eat dried chilis

Wash your food before you eat it. Or maybe just start fasting…


What can happen when a semi truck tire comes off

Unfortunate video here of a semi truck tire rolling down the highway and causing some havoc. Seems to me the guy driving next to it might have been in a position to nudge it off the road before it hurt anybody.


Video of Semi Truck Losing Control in Texas #WatchPeopleSurvive

A semi truck that was hauling serious ass veered off the road and flips in Lubbock Texas nearly killing multiple people. Thankfully, only two people were injured.


Ice Skating on sidewalks in Minnesota

Check out @marknorgren’s Tweet:

Source @marknorgren

Sometimes we get freezing rain that allows us to ice skate down our sidewalks!


Working out in the 1940s

Women used crazy devices to shape their bodies back in the day. Alternative to cool sculpting?


Iguana for dinner

This iguana meat is ridiculously priced. Anyone have a recipe?

iguana meat


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