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Before alarm clocks, people could do this


Journalism Today

Journalism Today

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Put your money where your ‘Like’ is

This is how your ‘likes’ on facebook helps fight hunger and disease.

facebook like

Fair Game or Bad taste?

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (aka, Dick Weed) will appear on the cover of the Aug. 3 edition of Rolling Stone magazine.


Not sure why we are so surprised when stuff like this happens in journalism. This is how it’s always been done (see below). They’ll keep doing it as long as we’re buying.

How to stop mass shootings

A pro-gun message here from Colion Noir on how to stop the mass killing madness. If you care about this debate, then you should listen to both anti-gun and pro-gun points of view. Both sides have some very valid points.

Thanks Junior

What about his message did you like/dislike?

Spotted at the DNC

A DNC-goer stands on the convention floor on the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 4, 2012.

"Once you vote black, you never go back" button on display at the DNC.

Photo: Reuters – Jessica Rinald

I get the joke, but it’s actually a distraction from the message Obama supporters need to be spreading right now.

This kind of open racism would have been blasted if an “elect whitey” message had been on display at the RNC. Just saying.

Everyone seems normal

Everyone seems normal

Spotted at a Chinese Buffet

I hope they just have a sense of humor.

Spotted at a Chinese Buffet


You no come stay 4 hour
Learn Chinese in 5 minutes
Woman finds racial slur on Papa John’s receipt

Bansky on Advertising

Do you agree with this sentiment?

Bansky on Advertising