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A look at the new MySpace


There will be a relaunch of MySpace, the one-time titan of social networking. The site will apparently be reborn as a media-centric network and look a lot like Pinterest according to this video. It won’t be exclusively for musicians and bands. Photographer, filmmakers, designers and dedicated fans of them are encouraged to sign up for an invite.

On the new site posts are laid out in the gridded format that emphasizes large photo icons. Users can scroll through these posts horizontally, in contrast to the vertical scroll format used by many popular social networks. Pages showcase personal playlists, upcoming concerts and trending music news. There’s even a nifty analytics page that lets those making films or music see the gender, age and geographic breakdowns of their audiences.

Your Racist, Shilling, Sad Sack Status Updates Are Why People Keep Unfriending You

angry facebookA new study shows why people drop you as a Facebook friend.

23% of people unfriend for depressing comments; 20% for “lack of interaction” (sorry, dead people!); 14% for “political comments”; 11% for “breakup/divorce”; 8% for “don’t like their friends” (you just chuckled in recognition, didn’t you?); “update profile too often” and “they add too many people” tied at 6% and “they don’t update often enough” coming in last at 3%.

I’m guilty of some of these.

Summary (as Gawker put it) – “Your Racist, Shilling, Sad Sack Status Updates Are Why People Keep Unfriending You”

So if you don’t care and want to lose all your friends immediately, just post the following status update every five minutes for a week:

Why can’t [members of racial group] be more like [members of other racial group] and vote for [political party]? Buy my homemade jewelry so that I won’t have to kill myself.
(via Gawker and nm incite)

QR codes made easy

Quick Response (QR) codes are the latest rage in consumer marketing and mobile technology. Smartphones will soon be ubiquitous and my prediction is that these codes will be too.  

Duck Duck Gray Duck QR Code

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It’s a unique and engaging way to interact with your customers or social network. Generate and place QR codes on your business cards, company brochure, packaging label, in-store sign, direct mail, bumper sticker, or even a T-shirt.

They are great for to directing viewers to a particular how-to video, let them check in your venue on Google places or Foursquare, get them to follow you on Twitter and Facebook, or point them to a mobile website to get a coupon offer.

Try it out using some of these sites: http://jumpscan.com/ and http://www.likify.net and http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

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It is easier than ever to create a code for your small business, Facebook group, or even your personal brand.