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Standard obituary in Minnesota

john ford obit

John Ford of Plymouth Minnesota passed away after a Vikings loss. Your MN Vikings torment is over.


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Dude sitting in a lobby gets attacked by a snake

Snake attacks man in Thailand police station.


This is for you good sir…

steel balls


Painting windshields on a car lot

Bob Ross has nothing on this guy. I could watch this brush work all day.




News Anchor and Reporter Get in Fight on Live TV

2001 footage of Dick Oliver and anchor Jim Ryan exchange some words during a news segment.

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The Theme Song of Every Dog

Dog is Sting fan



Poor kitten can’t quite make it

OMG that face!

If you liked this one, then check out this video of a puppy doing the same.


Not sure how he survived this

Original post reports that this man suffered from some broken bones and a short coma nap, but did not die. Unbelievable.

St. Paul named the ‘worst’ city in Minnesota

St. Paul

24/7 Wall St. created an index consisting of over two dozen measures to identify the worst cities to live in in every state. It’s has seen a major uptick in homicides this year which is likely tipping the scales here.

Minnesota: St. Paul
• Population: 300,820
• Median home value: $187,400 (state: $199,700)
• Poverty rate: 20.4% (state: 10.5%)
• Violent crimes per 100,000 people: 651 (state: 238)

Crime, especially violent crime like robbery and homicide, can greatly detract from quality of life in any city. In St. Paul, there were 651 violent crimes for every 100,000 people, more than double the violent crime rate of 238 incidents per 100,000 people across Minnesota as a whole. (via)

Crime is often concentrated in poor areas, and in St. Paul 20.4% of the population lives below the poverty line, nearly double the 10.5% state poverty rate.

Okay Minnesotans, what do you think is the worst city in MN? Sound off!



Incredible Moment When A Father Of Four Hears Silence For The First Time

This father of four hasn’t heard silence in more than ten years. Watch the magical moment when, thanks to break through technology, he finally experiences it again.