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For Lease

Jesus for Lease

Last Supper Reservation

Last Supper Reservation


The Story of Christmas

The Story of Christmas



Let the Bodies Hit the Floor (Church Edition)

The Pastor of this church is throwing down some serious holy ghosts.


Divine Intervention


Jesus in the News

A collection of news stations covering Jesus sightings.

America in 3 words


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Church service features knife throwing demonstration

Bring a friend!!!
knife throwing
(via Criggo)

Serpent-handling pastor tests God and fails
Pastor zip-lines to the pulpit
Pastor Charles Worley has an idea to “get rid of all the lesbians and queers”
Pastor Sean Harris tells congregants “beat the gay away” from their kids
A survey of American Protestant pastors
Rappin’ for Jesus
The Day Metallica Came to Church
Drumming for Jesus

What the return of Jesus will probably be like

Jesus Returning

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Rappin’ for Jesus

Pastor Jim Colerick and his wife Mary Sue from West Dubuque Church of Christ, drop the beat and serve up some whack rhymes about how Jesus is their N#@*&. Unreal. I about died from laughter on this one.