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Anti-drug Campaign Ideas for Minnesota

In support of our lovely neighbors in SoDak. Let’s win this war together!


(via) – Some great other state anti-drug slogan ideas at the jump.

MN Meth



AT&T’s heart-wrenching new ad against using your phone while driving

In the latest of its “It Can Wait” campaign, AT&T offers a mini-movie that shows how checking social media while driving can destroy lives. It is hard to watch, but you absolutely need to see this. Put your damn phone down people!


Violence is Violence

Interesting to see the differences in how people react to domestic violence when the tables are turned, and men become the abused. Warning: Language 

Take your poo to the loo

A bizarre public awareness effort to keep people in India from dumping in the street. 

It’s a real problem there. 

India has the highest number of people in the world — an estimated 620 million — who defecate in the open, creating a major public health hazard by leaving an estimated 65 million kilograms of waste each day. Only half of the population uses toilets.

Fast drivers unknowingly invited to their own funeral

To call attention to the dangers of speeding, ad agency 20something had people invite their fast-driving friends or relatives to their own funeral. The speeders, were unaware that they were stepping into their own funeral. Tearful friends and relatives lament losing their loved ones lost too soon, while the offender looks on in despair. 

Agency: 20something

Client: IBSR / BIVV

Public Service Announcement Regarding Selfies

HEad Licevia


Save the frogs!!!!!

Motivating advertisement for the Vancouver Aquarium. 
Save the frogs!!!!!

When you smoke, your baby smokes.

Anti-smoking ad targeting expectant mothers.

Anti-smoking ad for gay dudes
The Smoking Kid (Powerful anti-smoking ad)
What 30 years of smoking does to an apartment.
Quit Smoking ad for gamers

Anti-smoking ad for gay dudes

Ad has a hotline number that will be easy to remember.

Anti-smoking ad for gay dudes

Very powerful anti-smoking ad by Ogilvy Thailand.
What 30 years of smoking does to an apartment.
Another great quit smoking print ad.

Metallica Wants to Help Find Fan’s Killer

Back in 2009, Metallica fan Morgan Harrington went missing after a concert on the University of Virginia campus. Three months later, her skeleton-ized body was found about 10 miles from the University. Metallica put up $50,000 to help find her killer. James Hetfield wants to make sure you know they have not forgotten.

If you have information, please call Virginia State Police at 434-352-3467. The family has set up a website about the case here. Very sad.