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You better be SORRY!

funny deli closed sign


















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True bathroom story

bathroom pooping story

Thanks Junior


Super Size me!

mcdonalds bus ad

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Whitehead Fashion

Whitehead Fashion


Shop nose rings here.

Banana Recall

Hurry home and set all of your bananas on fire.

banana spider

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Why parachute pants were invented

leg muscles


Oh snap!

Just walk it off buddy. It doesn’t look too bad. Shesh!

skateboard injury

[via Echtlustig]

Skateboarder comes dangerously close to being struck by car. Continue reading

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Meat Market

There is not enough Windex in the world…


[via Reddit]

The latest trend in Portland

I’d throw in a huge dip of Kodiak and really gross people out.

lip piercing
Thanks Brooke

Photo of All the Bacteria Growing on a Child’s Hand

8 year-old’s hand after playing outside.
bacteria on a child's handimage via

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