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e-cig photo

Anti-smoking ad for gay dudes

Ad has a hotline number that will be easy to remember.

Anti-smoking ad for gay dudes

Very powerful anti-smoking ad by Ogilvy Thailand.
What 30 years of smoking does to an apartment.
Another great quit smoking print ad.

Don Draper on the topic of cigarettes

Mad Men Don Draper

“People were buying cigarettes before Freud was born.” – Don Draper

Read more of Don Draper’s best lines here.

Angry Birds meets Mad Men
New ‘Mad Men’ ad shows falling man

How do you smoke?

I miss smoking. I quite 10 years ago and am happy I did, but I will always miss it. The smell of a freshly lit smokey treat or enjoying a cup coffee with a friend and a smoke are with me till the grave I’m afraid. Looking at these styles of smoking brought it all back. I was a “stealth” while taking a smoke break during work, and a “classic” almost all other times. How about about you? (via 9GAG)

How do you smoke?