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Cool Tool: Inflatable Shim Wedge Bag

The perfect tool for professional contractors, homeowners, DIY’ers as well as the everyday handyman. Buy it here on Amazon (affiliate link).



Kitchen Hacks to Keep You Organized

Here are some genius life hacks for your kitchen that I’ll probably never get around to.


Shop here on Amazon for kitchen organization (affiliate link)

Click here for posts featuring cool kitchen gadgets.


How to get out of a speeding ticket

Driver finds a way to turn the tables on this officer.


Signs you have a drinking problem

Clearly wasted dude decides to take a shot of ethanol.


Global warming finally explained!

This guy has a pretty good idea of what those wind turbines are for.


Monday Music Rewind: Purple Rain at AMA 1985 (Live)

Prince performing Purple Rain live At American Music Awards in 1985.

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How to walk your pet birds

Taking your parrots for a jog!



Woman who knows started fire and why

A lady from Youngstown, Ohio admits on live television that her cousin started a fire because he couldn’t ‘get’ with her. I assumed it was a meth lab fire set by a guy listening to Insane Clown Posse.


Think about this next time you eat dried chilis

Wash your food before you eat it. Or maybe just start fasting…


Dog Fails to Catch Treat

The look on her face at the very end…