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AT&T’s heart-wrenching new ad against using your phone while driving

In the latest of its “It Can Wait” campaign, AT&T offers a mini-movie that shows how checking social media while driving can destroy lives. It is hard to watch, but you absolutely need to see this. Put your damn phone down people!

Bryant McKinnie’s bar tab and other things that cost $100k

B McKinnie

It was revealed the other day that Minnesota Vikings tackle Bryant McKinnie partied down with celebs at a posh Hollywood nightclub recently. The bar tab? $100k. I couldn’t imagine spending that kind of money even if I had it, but to each their own, right?

Lets take a look at other things with a $100k price tag.

  • A promoted┬átrend on Twitter for 24 hours costs about $100k and brands like Coca-Cola and AT&T are buying
  • Panasonic 103-inch HD 3D plasma TV
  • $100k per second is about what an advertiser paid to run a commercial during the Super Bowl earlier this month.
  • The 7-Series BMW costs about $100k if you have some serious negotiating powers.
  • You can franchise a Drifter’s Hanburgers fast-food joint ´╗┐

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