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Fast drivers unknowingly invited to their own funeral

To call attention to the dangers of speeding, ad agency 20something had people invite their fast-driving friends or relatives to their own funeral. The speeders, were unaware that they were stepping into their own funeral. Tearful friends and relatives lament losing their loved ones lost too soon, while the offender looks on in despair. 

Agency: 20something

Client: IBSR / BIVV

Woman’s Hair Ad Interacts with Subway Trains

Woman's Hair Interacts with Subway Trains

The digital advertising screens on the platform of a subway train station in Stockholm, Sweden, were rigged with ultra sonic sensors, to create the impression that the hair of the models in the ad blows around as though windswept by the arriving trains.

The stunt was performed by ad agency Akestam Holst and production company Stopp for Apotek Hjärtat‘s Apolosophy products.

The best car wash commercials you will ever see

Hughes Carwash

Okay, so maybe they are the ONLY car wash ads you’ll see, but they are darn good.

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Cool billboard advertising for insecticide

via Trendhunter

via Trendhunter

Publicis Milan has managed to create a massive billboard that is advertising for outdoor insecticide Orphea, by turning a billboard in the Italian city into a massive sticky insect trap.

Preventing drunk driving in a very shocking way

Think! is a driving safety campaign created by Leo Burnett London for UK’s Department for Transport. Pub Loo Shocker” is the latest ad in the campaign and it aims to bring light to the problem of drunk driving, in a very shocking way.

While the woman is a mannequin and the men involved are actors, the image of a bloodied face through a windscreen combined with sounds of a car accident make for a startling video.

Save the frogs!!!!!

Motivating advertisement for the Vancouver Aquarium. 
Save the frogs!!!!!

Vintage J&B ad

Great copywriting here with this vintage J&B Scotch Whiskey ad.

Vintage J&B ad

How your children view you when you’ve been drinking

chilling new anti-drinking commercial is being shown in Finland

This chilling new anti-drinking commercial is being shown in Finland and depicts terrified children living in a world full of monsters, which turn out to be their parents. It’s well-done.

If you are an alcoholic, you may also be a monster to your children and others around you. Get some help for yourself before you scare them off completely.

Fragile Childhood activities are designed to encourage people to participate anonymously in discussion and to share their thoughts about responsible parental drinking on a dedicated platform: http://www.facebook.com/lasinenlapsuus

A cool billboard for The Dark Knight Rises

Billboard for The Dark Knight Rises was spotted on Sunset and La Brea in Hollywood. Not a graphic, but a 3D hole in a billboard with destruction extruding.

A cool billboard for The Dark Knight Rises



Batman Forever 2012 movie poster and trailer.
Contagian movie billboards promote with real bacteria

The Smoking Kid

Very powerful anti-smoking ad by Ogilvy Thailand.