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Would you want to see this on your hospital building?

This art install is not on a hospital. It is actually on the side of the Fulton County Public Health Dept in Atlanta. It does provoke opinion what is “appropriate” though. If I were riddled with cancer and heading into a hospital for treatment, this is exactly what I would want to see. Then again, sometimes the sweet release into death is the best possible outcome. What do you think? Offensive or inspirational?

Fulton County Public Health Dept in Atlanta


Celebrating those who have passed

Celebrating those who have passed

According to the one who shared the image, this old guy was talking with the photo. When approached and asked if he was okay, he happily replied that he was celebrating the 78th anniversary with his wife, and was looking forward to seeing her again someday.


AT&T’s heart-wrenching new ad against using your phone while driving

In the latest of its “It Can Wait” campaign, AT&T offers a mini-movie that shows how checking social media while driving can destroy lives. It is hard to watch, but you absolutely need to see this. Put your damn phone down people!

Gift idea for grandma found at yard sale

Barely used!


Never mind, I already found grandma at this sale.


The original Ouija Board was just supposed to be good clean fun

Parker Brothers bought the commercial rights to the Ouija Board in 1966. Based on this 1968 ad they were marketing it as a device for some good wholesome fun for the kiddos.


Now it’s all…

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Toy Story 19

toy story 19 1

toy story 19 2

Extra! Extra! Grieve All About It!


via Tosh and Radass

Other funny headlines

Winner Winner

Winner Winner

I support everyone’s troops

I support troops



In what order?

death by electrocution