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Too hot for the hot tub!

I hate it when this happens.

Too hot for the hot tub


Lysol saving marriages back in the day I guess

Lysol saving marriages

First Moon Party

A pre-teen girl who tries to fake the arrival of her monthly visitor learns her lesson in a humorous new ad from a new period supplies subscription service.

Effective Advertising

If you think your fedora is all the protection you need, think again.

Durex ad


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How to advertise

tired of that douche

The best car wash commercials you will ever see

Hughes Carwash

Okay, so maybe they are the ONLY car wash ads you’ll see, but they are darn good.

Shop Target.com

Russian Tampon Commercial

Russian Tampon Commercial

The Russians don’t need images of women playing tennis, wearing white pants and riding around on horses all day to sell tampons – they get straight to the point. via

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Hair Removal Ad

hair removal


Save the frogs!!!!!

Motivating advertisement for the Vancouver Aquarium. 
Save the frogs!!!!!

Picks up more women