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Vintage J&B ad

Great copywriting here with this vintage J&B Scotch Whiskey ad.

Vintage J&B ad

Feliz Navideath

So many rules of advertising are broken in this funny commercial, I am starting to think it might be brilliant. Feliz Navideath!

Worst Marketing Decision Ever

pro-life coat hangers

Photo from Ben at Lifehacksimmediately

Springdale Drycleaners of Cincinnati, Ohio, has been etching “Choose Life” ads on wire coat hangers used to hang dry-cleaning.



FedEx Truck Bitch Slaps DHL

The new graphics on FedEx trucks go after rival DHL hard and effectively.

Thanks Corey

Liquor store sign

Sometimes the best advertising, is the sign on your building. Spotted in Medford, MA. Here are some other great examples of outdoor advertising and ingenious billboards.

Liquor store sign
(via The High Definite)

How to encourage tip jar participation

Tip jars are often a neglected element of counter service. This establishment realizes that people love to vote on stupid things. It seems to be working. 

encourage tip jar participation

(via Reddit)

An open letter to small businesses trying to pick a typeface

I hate the font Copperplate Gothic. I am not alone. Here are some examples of its overuse in society. CPG and Comic Sans need to ride off into the sunset.

An open letter to small businesses trying to pick a typeface. Please DON'T use this font. Ever.

She takes a what, where?

She takes a what, where?


Samsung Infuse 4G “Spider” spot

Here is a new TV commercial for the Samsung Infuse 4G “Spider” cellphone. I love the reaction of the people in this commercial and would react the same way — and, by that, I mean the way the woman reacted. I liked the spot but wouldn’t want to see it in heavy rotation because of the screaming. Hitting mute on the remote all the time would be annoying. span> (via Public Convoy)

FEARnet ad on your doorstep

Papa John’s already did something like this, but who cares. Nothing in advertising is original, and this execution for FEARnet still works. The left shows what was placed on people’s doors. The right side is what people saw when they looked through their peep hole. Agency The Brooklyn Brothers, New York, USA.

FEARnet ad
(via Ads of the World)