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Personal Injury Lawyer creates Super Bowl Ad

jamie Casino

This is an epic 2 Minute Halftime Commercial written and directed by Jamie Casino. The spot features Jamie’s brother Michael who was gunned down with his friend on Labor Day 2012. The story reveals how Savannah’s Chief of Police, Willie Lovett, deceived the citizens of Savannah after four homicides took place Labor Day weekend.

Jamie Casino, a personal injury attorney with a large practice based in Savannah, GA created the ad to set the record straight in the Biggest Game of the Year, Super Bowl 2014.

I want to injure myself just to have this guy represent me. Saul Goodman would be proud.

Thanks Dave

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Every day, a finger gets hacked off

A new Walking Dead marketing stunt in Grand Central Station counts down the days until it airs by lopping off a finger each day.

Walking Dead

FEARnet ad on your doorstep

Papa John’s already did something like this, but who cares. Nothing in advertising is original, and this execution for FEARnet still works. The left shows what was placed on people’s doors. The right side is what people saw when they looked through their peep hole. Agency The Brooklyn Brothers, New York, USA.

FEARnet ad
(via Ads of the World)