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McDonald’s French Fries Gloves

McDonald’s French Fries Gloves

If you need to keep your digits warm, and want said digits to look like yummy French fries… then here are your new gloves. Dallas-based ad agency, Moroch is behind this marketing idea.  Now sure how you get your “hands” on them yet.

I bet they smell wonderful.


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Looking for hot shingles?

Hot shingles


So this happened

Stevie Wonder


“Starburst” Mini Minneapolis Commercial

Minneapolis gets punked in this new ad for Starburst candies.

via Funny Ad Show

What will $5 buy?

Why I really gave up meat for Lent.

5dollar meat


Eau Gallie Veterinary Hospital is doing it right

Eau Gallie Veterinary Hospital


Great deals on pet health supplements here.

Will blog for beer money!

Humane Society Ad

Wonderful copywriting.

advertising, marketing

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Kmart’s ‘Ship my pants’ commercial

The retailer goes for some good old bathroom humor in their recent advertising. Kmart is promoting a service that provides shoppers with free shipping for products on Kmart.com in the event that the product is not available in stores.

Location, location, location

Location, location, location

Lawn and Order

Lawn service company doing it right.

Lawn and Order