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Beatbox like you’ve never heard before

trung bao

And no, it’s not this guy:


His name is Trung Bao. This was recorded at DASH Radio.

Here are some instructional materials if you want to learn how to beatbox (Amazon affiliate link)


The Cranberries Zombie covered on bass

Pretty amazing bass cover of the song ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries as a tribute to Dolores O’Riordan.

Arranged by: TommyLeeDepp

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Download the original Zombie song here.


9 year old drummer plays to QOTSA

9 year old Nandi Bushell rocks some Queens of the Stone Age for your viewing pleasure.

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Monday Music Rewind: Purple Rain at AMA 1985 (Live)

Prince performing Purple Rain live At American Music Awards in 1985.

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Neil Peart Lego

RIP Neil.

rush lego peart

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RIP Neil Peart – YYZ Drum Solo and cause of death

Neil Peart.jpg

Neil Peart is one of the most universally respected rock drummers of all time. He died from brain cancer today at the age of 67. Despite his successful career in Rush, he saw his share of tragedy. Enough to bring any man down. He lost his 19-year-old daughter Selena and wife Jackie, both within a 10-month period back in the late 1990s. He discussed the pain and hopelessness he endured and the road he took to recovery in his book, “Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road.” I recommend this book to everyone.

Here is an amazing drum solo video of him performing the song YYZ.

ghost rider
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Ghostbusters On Set

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (also known as Mr. Stay Puft or nicknamed ‘Tubby Soft-Squeeze’ by Ray and Peter) was the final enemy of the Ghostbusters in the first film. Here he is coming to life on the set during filming.

Ghostbusters On Set

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Monday Music Rewind: Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride

matthew wilder

“Break My Stride” is a song performed by American recording artist Matthew Wilder. It was released in 1983 as the lead single from his debut album, I Don’t Speak the Language, and became a major hit single for him in 1983 and 1984.

Despite the downturn in his solo career after this song, Wilder continued his career in the music industry as a songwriter and as a record producer for such acts as No Doubt (the hit album Tragic Kingdom), 702, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus on her Hannah Montana song “G.N.O. (Girls Night Out)”

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Monday Music Rewind: Somebody’s Watching Me


Kennedy William Gordy (aka Rockwell) is the son of Motown founder and CEO Berry Gordy. To avoid the appearance of nepotism, he secured his record deal without his father’s knowledge.

Rockwell’s 1984 debut single release of “Somebody’s Watching Me”, features guest vocals by childhood friend Michael Jackson (in the chorus) and Jermaine Jackson (additional backing vocals).

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Why isn’t 1917 playing near me?



If you are like me, you have been waiting and waiting for the film 1917 (affiliate link) to come out at a theater near you. You know the movie is out, but you check the local listings to no avail. The reason you can’t see 1917 yet is that it is has a limited release (aka, “platform release”). A platform release is a type of limited release in which a film opens in fewer theaters (typically 599 or fewer) than a wide release, and only in large markets like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. This leaves us less privileged folks in smaller markets to patiently wait until Jan 10th, 2020. Frustrating!

But why not just release it nationwide right now?

The studio likely doesn’t want to risk a slow opening due to the intense competition that the new Star Wars (affiliate link) movie will create this holiday season. Apparently, Disney is requiring theaters to show The Last Jedi in their largest auditorium for a minimum of 4 weeks.

So why not release 1917 everywhere after the hype of Star Wars dies down?

Most who have seen the 1917 trailer understand this film is a contender for “Best Picture.” To be eligible for Oscar consideration, films must open in a commercial motion picture theater in Los Angeles County by December 31, and begin a minimum run of seven consecutive days.