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25 Pieces of Advice Men Should Commit to Memory

advice for men


When you forget someone’s name

forgetting someones name

Assorted advice. Take it or leave it.

Seth Godin posted nuggets of advice for living life. Here’s that advice. Take it or leave it. Seth Godin has lots of great books too. 

Assorted tips. I hope they help.

No stranger or unknown company will ever contact you by mail or by phone with an actual method for making money easily or in your spare time. And if the person or company contacting you asserts that they are someone you know, double check before taking action.
Don’t have back surgery. See a physiatrist first, then exhaust all other options before exploring back surgery.
Borrow money to buy things that go up in value, but never to get something that decays over time.
Placebos are underrated by almost everyone.
It’s almost never necessary to use a semicolon.
Seek out habits that help you overcome fear or inertia. Destroy those that do the opposite.
Cognitive behavorial therapy is generally considered both the quickest and most effective form of addressing many common psychological problems.
Backup your hard drive.
Get a magnetic key hider, put a copy of your house key in it and hide it really well, unlabeled, two blocks from your house.
A rice cooker will save you time and money and improve your diet, particularly if you come to like brown rice.
Consider not eating wheat for an entire week. The results might surprise you.
Taking your dog for a walk is usually better than whatever alternative use of your time you were considering.

Told you they were assorted.

How to encourage tip jar participation

Tip jars are often a neglected element of counter service. This establishment realizes that people love to vote on stupid things. It seems to be working. 

encourage tip jar participation

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