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Lost in marketing translation

Marketing slogans in English can make a company millions. When they are translated into different languages, the benefits of the message can be lost. (via marketingdegree.com)
marketing translations

How to promote a ballet school

Here is a wonderful idea for advertising if you are a ballet school. Could work for promoting a ballet or figure skating performance as well I suppose. Well done.How to promote a ballet school

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Banksy, on advertising

Banksy, on advertising

Four really good LEGO ads

Here is a well-executed print campaign for LEGO. These four ads beautifully convey the power of a child’s imagination. Will all of the technology and gadgets we have today, none of them can compare to what the mind can create. I hope we never lose toys like LEGO.

LEGO ads

LEGO print ads ads

LEGO print ads ads

LEGO print ads ads

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Inventive Outdoor Advertising

Here is a collection of ingenious billboards. (via)

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Make the logo bigger


If you work in the advertising or design world, then you may have had the opportunity to work clients that insist that bigger is better, or that a print ad can be designed in Word, or that their image are hi-res.  A song called Make the logo bigger is a metal song by Burn Back has been written for you. It will melt your face and your designer soul.