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Old Dutch Dill Pickle Chips

1. Is it just me, or do Old Dutch Dill Pickle chips taste different now? It’s like they changed the ingredients or something. If you have noticed this, please reply.

2. How much bubble wrap would you need to wrap yourself in if you wanted to jump out of a first story window and survive? Click here to find out.

3. The first camera-phone image taken was this.

4. Political correctness run amok. Nursery World Magazine reported that Anne O’Connor, who is an “equality and diversity consultant” for school districts, thinks we should replace white writing paper with other colored paper in the classroom and replace witches’ black hats with a pink ones for Halloween as a way to prevent kids from becoming racist.

5. Facebook is kinda becoming terrifying I think. I have seen it ruin relationships. I have seen  updates from people that make them look bad. I have “friends” that have completely dropped any form of human interaction and insist to only be communicated with via Facebook.  I’m not saying Facebook is all bad. A lot of it is fun. I just wonder what the long-term ramifications of it will be. Here are some things about Facebook that should scare you:
– Why You Never Really Log Out of Facebook – here

– Why Facebook Integration Is Actually Antisocial – here

– A List of Creepy Things Facebook Will Remember Forever – here

6. Here is some good insight on the recession, and why it is here to stay. Factories were at the center of the industrial age. That age is now over due to new technology and efficiency that does everything faster, cheaper, and smarter. If you want to save American jobs by creating more factories, you can’t. We don’t need those jobs anymore. Seth Godin says “Job creation is a false idol,” and explains why here.


Rush - 1978

7. So the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced nominations this week. RUSH apparently was snubbed again despite having the more gold and platinum albums than any artist except The Beatles (#1) and Elvis (#2).

5 responses to “Random Duck News

  1. So far, I have mainly noticed it with the smaller bags you might get at like a subway or a gas station. I plan on trying the larger bag to see if they taste different. God I hope not. The Lays version is NO COMPARISON to the Old D brand.


  2. I used to live in Wisconsin and ate those things by the bag. When I moved to California, they were nowhere to be found.

    My girlfriend (now wife…wonder why?…) decided to call Old Dutch, and she had an entire box of Dill Pickle bags sent to her. She surprised me by letting me open the box and see the gold.

    There were 10 bags in there, and I ate all of them in less than two weeks. LOVED THOSE CHIPS. (My wife and I lived in Mpls for five years, moving back to CA last year. I gobbled those things all the time while in the Twin Cities.)

    Loved to dill flecks, loved the powder residue on my fingers.

    Sad to see they have changed. I haven’t had them in a while.


  3. Yep. That’s it I think. Missing the dill flecks.


  4. *hassle, not hastle, hehe


  5. i noticed the same thing about the dill pickle chips. they taste different, and they eliminated the little green specks of dill that used to be on the chips. those little green specks used to get into my teeth (in middle school, this caused a daily trip to the girls bathroom after lunch to do a teeth inspection- and yes, i had dill pickle chips every single day for lunch back then). if i still ate these all the time, there would be some relief in the omission of the specks; however, since i only indulge in them once in a while, i would prefer they go back to the original recipe, even if it means the hastle of carrying around a compact mirror.