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“Some days just suck”

Woman tells a quick story about a cashier at Walmart who is having more than a bad day. It’s true, you never know what might be going on in someone’s life.

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Guy Goes Off the Deep, Deep End During Customer Service Call

After an unidentified security systems company missed an appointment, one inconvenienced customer phoned the company’s customer service. This is what happened. If you listen carefully, you’ll even pick up a bit of that Mel Gibson heavy breathing. (via KQRS)

How to encourage tip jar participation

Tip jars are often a neglected element of counter service. This establishment realizes that people love to vote on stupid things. It seems to be working. 

encourage tip jar participation

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Man takes out ad to express anger with Time Warner Cable

Most people I know who have Time Warner Cable tell me they hate them. Most have heard how god-awful their customer service is, especially when it comes to making and keeping appointments. But while most people have no recourse but to complain to some underpaid customer service rep, Eugene Mirman lived out many a fantasy by writing a letter comparing the cable company to Stalin and Jeffrey Dahmer — and then publishing it as a full-page ad in two newspapers (New York Press and in the Greenpoint Gazette). Here is that letter. Click image for larger view. It’s a victory for us small people. (via ABC News)

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