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Cool billboard advertising for insecticide

via Trendhunter

via Trendhunter

Publicis Milan has managed to create a massive billboard that is advertising for outdoor insecticide Orphea, by turning a billboard in the Italian city into a massive sticky insect trap.

Dick Enrico. The Marketing Machine

Dick Enrico at the Minnesota State Fair

Me and Dick at the 2007 Minnesota State Fair

Through blood, lots of sweat apparently (see picture), and tears, Dick Enrico has punished the competition in the world of fitness gear. He’s used a strategy not so different from other brands in the past: being in front of everyone and creating a memorable company image by casting himself in his commercials. Sure, he may look like the love child of Ron Jeremy and Gaucho Marx, but you have to admit, he’s memorable. Who do you think of when you are considering a new treadmill or weight bench? That’s right, Dick Enrico.

Steady television spots, bathroom advertising, and bobbleheads are an equation that made 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment roughly $80 million in sales last year. His strategy is simple: Be somewhere everyone goes … Restrooms. So when you are on the shitter feeding the fish, he’ll be there feeding you info about Elliptical machines. I’m totally okay with that.