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VIDEO: Wedding Bloopers

The best wedding fails and funniest bloopers.

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How much does it cost to propose at a baseball game?

Swimmingly did a favor for all those baseball fans who are looking to tie the knot, by asking all 30 MLB teams about the cost of using their scoreboards for a those ill-advised marriage proposals.


Just be prepared that if you propose to a stadium full of people, that this can happen.

You may kiss the bride

Little girls react to a wedding kiss.
You may kiss the bride


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GTA wedding shots

3 grooms brought to tears on their wedding day with GTA 5.







Rethink those strapless bridesmaid dresses

Rethink those strapless bridesmaid dresses
Thanks Mandy

Fitted for world’s biggest wedding gown
Wedding Fails Compilation
Pictures from Joe Mauer’s wedding
The original wedding crashers
Genius Wedding Invitation

Looks can be deceiving

Fun sized bridesmaids. Wait a minute!

wedding midgets

Pictures from Joe Mauer’s wedding

group photo

Joe Mauer got married over the weekend to his girlfriend Maddie. Congratulations Joe.

Here’s a link to Dustin Morse’s Instagram. Also in attendace at Joe and Maddie’s wedding were current teammates Brian Duensing and Glen Perkins, and former teammates Jesse Crain and Orlando Hudson.

Thanks for sending David K.

Cool Minnesota Twins gifts here.


Gale from ‘Hunger Games’ is basically Joe Mauer
Joe Mauer’s wedding gift registry

Videos of people fainting

Video compilation of people becoming unplugged from the matrix.


Genius Wedding Invitation

Genius Wedding Invitation

Looking for wedding invitations? Check these out.
(via 9GAG)