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Hannibal Lecter purse

Fashion achieving a whole new level of whacked.

hannibal lecter purse


Never Nude?

Trend spotting at the grocery store. Never Nude?

never nude



I pledge allegiance to your outfit.



Business Casual

I think I am going to come to work dressed like this on Monday.
Work Attire

Ronald Reagan Fashion

A man’s age is inversely proportional to the distance between his nipples and the top of his trousers.
Ronald Reagan

But seriously, are these on backwards?


The convenience of shopping at Dollar Palace

dressed up


Sleep shopping?

It’s bedtime somewhere.

sleep walking
(via People of Walmart)

Louis Vuitton ad

lindsay lohan(via)

Mammy Awards

Apparently Katy Perry didn’t get the memo about the stricter dress code for the Grammy Awards.

katy perry grammy

katy perry grammy
Photos: Getty

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Rethink those strapless bridesmaid dresses

Rethink those strapless bridesmaid dresses
Thanks Mandy

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