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Retro Liv Tyler

Retro Liv Tyler

Bar Stool Rodeo

A bar stool trick created by the girls at Hooters. If you want to see that in action, click here (SFW).

girls at Hooters

Every junior high girlfriend

electric youth

You can still buy this stuff…

The I’m 22 and date a 14-year-old starter pack

14 year old starter packvia

Not be confused with the “I shout at my wife in public” starter pack


The new SMU Greek Life Diversity Task Force

SMU has decided to start a new diversity task force for their Greek system. Blonde girl in the center has a bad sunburn. Does that count?

diversity SMU

via TOSH and Reddit

This is what happens when you try to impress girls at the pool

girls at the pool




Miss America 1924

Hairbrush invented: 1925

Miss America 1924via


Step 1: Do not read this book on the subway

Are you reading the book How to Meet Women on the Subway?

meet women



Girls Night Out

girls puking duck duck

Roof Jumping

Roof Jumping