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Pictures from Joe Mauer’s wedding

group photo

Joe Mauer got married over the weekend to his girlfriend Maddie. Congratulations Joe.

Here’s a link to Dustin Morse’s Instagram. Also in attendace at Joe and Maddie’s wedding were current teammates Brian Duensing and Glen Perkins, and former teammates Jesse Crain and Orlando Hudson.

Thanks for sending David K.

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Gale from ‘Hunger Games’ is basically Joe Mauer
Joe Mauer’s wedding gift registry

Gale from ‘Hunger Games’ is basically Joe Mauer

I couldn’t stop thinking about this uncanny resemblance the entire time I watched “The Hunger Games.” 

Gale from Hunger Games is basically Joe Mauer

Jon Hamm is basically Fabio
Newt Gingrich is basically Dwight Schrute
Justin Hawkins is basically Tiny Tim

Joe Mauer’s wedding gift registry

Maddie Bisanz

Source: Larry Brown Sports is 99% sure this is Maddie in the picture above.

Joe Mauer got engaged over the weekend, and rumor has it that he tore several ligaments when he got down on one knee to propose. The Twins catcher, proposed to fellow Cretin-Derham Hall graduate Maddie Bisanz who is a nurse, so I’m sure he’s in good hands.

So what do you get a baseball player with a $184 million contract? Here are some things that might be on his gift registry.

  • A pair of gold-plated crutches
  • Bilateral leg weakness cream
  • Clairol sideburn hair color
  • A diamond encrusted Medical ID Alert Bracelet
  • Drew Butera (to walk down the isle on the big day if Mauer isn’t 100% after the rehearsal dinner)
  • Steroid infused wedding cake 
  • Abbott & Costello’s Who’s on First DVD  
  • A wedding band designed to look like a World Series Ring
  • The classic game “Operation” by Hasbro
  • A “get well soon card”
  • A travel sized x-ray machine

All kidding aside, Minnesotans are happy for you Joe. Hope you can make it past first base on your wedding night.

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What else do you think is on his registry?