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The most hilarious news bloopers of 2015

Journalism Today

Journalism Today

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Jesus in the News

A collection of news stations covering Jesus sightings.


Woman gives very accurate description of hail storm. I wonder if she is friends with the “ain’t nobdy got time for dat” lady?

No time for bronchitis

This lady just made my day. Sweet Brown describes her experience when she realized her apartment complex was on fire. How is this video not at 1 million views yet?

But seriously, who does have time for bronchitis? I don’t.

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Two cars crash behind news reporter
Don Cherry’s Piano Desk
Hard hitting U.S. news
News Reporter Walks Into Pole While Interviewing Lawyer

News Reporter Walks Into Pole While Interviewing Lawyer

CTV News reporter Kent Molgat eats a sign pole while trying to get the scoop.


News headlines you won’t see on Leno
Two cars crash behind news reporter

Two cars crash behind news reporter

Two cars crash behind a news reporter’s live shot. Nice reaction lady…


Here is a collection of funny “hard hitting” news screen grabs. 
Weatherman Throws Hissy Fit on Live TV [VIDEO]
Here is a funny video compilation of television reporters getting owned.

The formula for every TV news report

Charlie Brooker’s “How to Report the News” shows us how every single news report follows a very specific formula. (Brief NSFW language).

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