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A clip from the show Hard Copy that never aired in America

Found this old episode of Hard Copy. During the story, something happened that was never aired on American TV. Here it is. A female Reporter interviews a psychopath criminal named Chopper Read. He then plays Russian Roulette with himself on camera, then turns the gun to the reporter forcing her to play too. INSANE!

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Best News Bloopers October 2013

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Did Rangers announcer suffer stroke on air?

Rangers announcer

During a visit to the mount, Rangers play by play man Dave Barnett seemed to momentarily lose his marbles with a series of nonsensical orations that was either a bad metaphor or a stroke. Barnett’s spiel had many thinking it was the effect of some type of medical condition. Reviewing the footage, it seems hard to come up with another explanation as “fifth base”, “botched robbery”, and “henchmen” usually don’t enter into the baseball lexicon that often.

You may recall when a Los Angeles reporter suffered from a what appeared to be a stroke on live television which led to similar awkwardness.

This seems to be happening more often. What gives?

The formula for every TV news report

Charlie Brooker’s “How to Report the News” shows us how every single news report follows a very specific formula. (Brief NSFW language).

(via 22 Words)