Weatherman Throws Hissy Fit on Live TV [VIDEO]

Henry DiCarlo, the meteorologist for Los Angeles’ KTLA5, was supposed to do the weather during a segment on the Salvation Army’s annual Christmas fundraising efforts. But he didn’t like the time he was given to do his segment. So what did he do? Walked off camera live on the air.

Apparently, DiCarlo didn’t like having to squeeze his forecast into the middle of an interview. He went on a tear over the lack of communication between him and his crew and the time given to do both on the air.

I kinda agree with the guy. It was a dumb spot to break for a weather report. I have days like this all the time at work.

Unfortunately, TV news isn’t too forgiving of this sort of thing. I’m guessing he is updating his resume and looking for a new job today.

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