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News anchor brings story about Amazon and Walmart to a screeching halt

Wanna know the real reason Amazon is beating Walmart in sales? This guy knows. Just ask his “friend.”

Turns out Amazon does sell sex toys.

News Reporter with Runny Nose


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Reporting Live from a Skatepark

skate park

News reporter quits on live TV

Anchorage, Alaska — While reporting on the legalization recreational pot in Alaska, KTVA Television reporter Charlo Greene revealed that she is the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club. She then stunned her colleagues by quitting her job on live TV with a big four-letter send off. 

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Spelling Be



Filling in, due to MURDER

This news clip highlights the importance of applying punctuation on the teleprompter. 

Samuel L. Jackson goes off on news anchor

KTLA Reporter Mistakes Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne.


2013 was filled with incredible news bloopers. This massive compilation reminds us why the internet was invented.

News Anchor Accidentally Eats Cat Vomit

Proof that TV news people really are nutjobs. 

On Wednesday morning, Scot Haney, weatherman for Hartford’s CBS affiliate WFSB, scooped up a handful of food-like crumbs from the studio floor and immediately ate it on-the-air. What possessed him to do that in the first place? Well, he thought they were leftover Grape Nuts.

After several seconds of munching, he realizes the food smells like “dog poop” and doesn’t taste so good.

Cut to a later on-air report, where Haney half-giddily/half-horrifiedly told the viewers that he actually ate his own cat’s vomit off the bottom of his shoe.

July 2013 news blooper compilation

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