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VIDEO: 3 Women Fight at Disney World

Three women waiting in line for Epcot’s Test Track ride were caught on video as an argument quickly escalated into physical violence. Not sure what the fight was about, but it’s clear that the dummy in the Goofy hat probably needed to have her face rearranged.

A Disney spokesperson said no injuries resulted from the incident and no one was asked to leave the park.

What? You let them stay in the park? Grow a pair Disney. You should have kicked them out.

Brutal robbery of pregnant woman at a Boost Mobile store

boost mobile robbery
Shocking surveillance video tonight of a pregnant woman being sucker punched by the crime element in FL. It began when a man walked into the Boost Mobile store on Bayou Boulevard in Pensacola recently. The female clerk was alone in the store and without any warning, the drills her in the face. Prepare to feel rage when you watch this video. The guy was eventually caught. Go buy a dropcam for your home or business here.

Carjacking in Johannesberg


Video: Home invasion suspect beats mother in front of child

Man breaks into home while a young mother is with her two kids. The man ruthlessly beats her while robbing the home, in front of her young daughter. Thankfully the daughter was not hurt, but the mother was left injured and rushed to the hospital. The entire thing caught on a nanny cam. Warning: Disturbing Footage


(VIDEO) Woman Robs Gas Station a Barely Gets Away

The question: Was he pooping?

Two cars crash behind news reporter

Two cars crash behind a news reporter’s live shot. Nice reaction lady…


Here is a collection of funny “hard hitting” news screen grabs. 
Weatherman Throws Hissy Fit on Live TV [VIDEO]
Here is a funny video compilation of television reporters getting owned.

Fight caught on tape at Disneyland

Video of a man fighting with Disneyland security and getting pepper sprayed. Someone needs to edit this video and dub in some Dada.

Home burglary caught on tape

Woman calls 911 while watching streaming video of a couple of dudes burglarize her home. Using the The WiLife System, she logged in to the live streaming feature and found these guys in her home. Watch as they burglarize her, listen to the audio of the 911 call, and see how it all ends. I’m gonna buy this.

Close call with a whale caught on tape

A woman floating on her surfboard outside Santa Cruz, California, almost ends up being swallowed by a humpback whale. How they don’t frantically start paddling away is beyond me.

(via Blame it on the Voices)