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News anchor brings story about Amazon and Walmart to a screeching halt

Wanna know the real reason Amazon is beating Walmart in sales? This guy knows. Just ask his “friend.”

Turns out Amazon does sell sex toys.

News Reporter with Runny Nose


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FOX 9 Morning News reporter faceplants hard on the ice

M.A. Rosko from FOX 9 Morning News does a faceplant while skating on some ice during a live shot. 

Gas Leak Located




Slow and Slutty weather forcast

A weather woman in Washington state predicted that the Valentine’s Day week will be “slow and slutty,” just like everyone likes it.

Danielle Grant of KREM 2 in Spokane gave the weather report Monday and suggested that Thursday, Feb. 14 will be a “nice day to head out side with your significant other — or whoever you want to hang out with.” (Like someone a little slutty, perhaps?)

She finished off the forecast by saying the rest of the week will be “slow and slutty,” before quickly herself and saying “steady.”

Awkward weather report

Whoa! Settle down dude, John, whatever your name is. Gross!

Awkward weather report

Mankato anchor woman reads news while hammered

A news anchor for KEYC-TV in Mankato pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated. Annie Stensrud, 28, was arrested in North Mankato on Dec. 21. She pleaded guilty to third-degree DWI in Nicollet County Court on Tuesday, March 27, and is to be sentenced May 29.

Here is a video showing her slurring through a newscast. I think she did pretty well considering how hard it probably is to read a teleprompter.

News Reporter Walks Into Pole While Interviewing Lawyer
Two cars crash behind news reporter

Two cars crash behind news reporter

Two cars crash behind a news reporter’s live shot. Nice reaction lady…


Here is a collection of funny “hard hitting” news screen grabs. 
Weatherman Throws Hissy Fit on Live TV [VIDEO]
Here is a funny video compilation of television reporters getting owned.

Best news interview EVER

This is the most descriptive and awesome eyewitness account of an accident I have ever heard on the news. EVER. Reality hit Phoenix resident George Lindell hard yesterday when he witnessed an accident. Here is his story.

(via Everywhere)

Reality hits you hard bro. True dat. You make me miss Chris Farley.

What part of NSFW didn’t you understand?

What part of NSFW didn't you understand?