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Find someone who makes your heart smile

Find someone who makes your heart smile

The most hilarious news bloopers of 2015

Podcast Season 1 – Episode 11 – Part 3

The Duck Duck Gray Duck podcast from the Twin Cities

The Duck Duck Gray Duck podcast from the Twin Cities

JJ and Frank cover bizarre news.

Man takes 35 Viagra pills at once and lives to talk about it. – Story

Erotic version of Little Red Riding Hood accidentally sent to hundreds of primary school libraries. – Story

Research: Women getting fatter because they are doing less housework. – Story

Cursed video? Viewers ‘DIED’ after watching terrifying and mysterious ‘Satanic film with threat to Obama’ on the internet. – Story

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In the heart of duck country caption

Read the picture caption.

In the heart of duck country caption

Check out some duck hunting gear

George Brownridge correction

Newspaper ad

More funny headlines

Another great monthly news blooper compilation

Another month, another monthly news blooper compilation, courtesy of NewsBeFunny.


Can’t get enough news bloopers? We’ve got lots more here.

Best News Bloopers November 2014

Selfies with Bears

Although it’s probably still safer than taking one with Alec Baldwin or Shia LaBeouf.

Celebrity Fan Selfies

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“Apparently,” this 5-year-old is going viral

noah ritter

5-year-old Noah Ritter from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, will make you smile today. “Apparently,” he has never been on the news before.

July 2014 news blooper compilation

News be funny…