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Man finds dead mouse in his Subway sandwich and snaps photo

Subway Eat Fresh! A guy named Matt Jones and his friend Jay were visiting a Subway in LINCOLN CITY, Ore and got an extra topping. A dead rodent. Jay got a dead mouse mixed in with the spinach Subway added to his sub. Obviously they were completely grossed out. Subway immediately took care of the guys and alerted health authorities. An investigation determined there was no rodent problem with the Subway store and that the mouse came sealed in a bag of spinach.

Here is a photo.

Man finds dead mouse in his Subway sandwich and snaps photo

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Please help save these trapped babies

Photo of two babies trapped on a subway.

Photo of two babies trapped on a subway.

Thanks Corey

Bowl it or roll it?

Subway sign reminds me I’m too old to bowl it anymore.



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When I ask for mayo at Subway…


When I ask for mayo at Subway...

There is a lot of Ellen Grossman in all of us



Stupid criminals

Counterfeiting fail.
Stupid Criminals

Subway Employee Puts His Penis On Sandwich Bread

subway penis

A Subway “sandwich artist” admitted today to putting his penis on the store’s sandwich bread and posting the photo on Instagram. Think of that next time you order your cold cut combo.  (via)

Teens play chicken with subway train

Here is a scary YouTube video, a group of reckless teens play chicken with an oncoming subway train. Five kids jumped onto the tracks at the No. 3 line’s Kingston Avenue station, risking their lives with each passing moment. Most of them quickly climbed back onto the platform, but two stayed on the tracks until the lights of an approaching train were clearly visible.

Idiot steals gas from cop car, posts picture on Facebook, and goes directly to jail.

Subway’s unique locations


Subway sandwich chain has surpassed McDonald’s Corp. as the world’s largest restaurant chain in terms of units. How did they do it? They did it by opening outlets in non-traditional locations such as an automobile showroom in California, an appliance store in Brazil, a ferry terminal in Seattle, a riverboat in Germany, the zoo in Taiwan, a Goodwill store in South Carolina, a high school in Detroit and a church in Buffalo, New York.

If you are thinking of opening a new restaurant or eatery of some kind, maybe you should rethink your location.

Since we are talking about Subway, remember these? Remember how excited you’d get if the guy behind the register was in a hurry and gave you more stamps than you had coming? Subway finally phased out the stamps in 2005 due to widespread use of counterfeit stamps.

subway stamps

Source: juggle.com