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80s Out

80s Out, A Painting of 1980s Movie Characters by Serge Gay Jr.

80s Out, A Painting of 1980s Movie Characters by Serge Gay Jr.

Available to purchase online at the Serge Shop and Gauntlet Gallery.

Young and Feral

Gangsta’s Paradise.

Ramona Lisa

A punk rock classic.


Music today

music suck
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Remember OK Soda?

From the FW: Back in 1993, Coke attempted to connect with the disaffected members of Generation X through a soda that was just as snarky and “over it” as they were. With a trendy can designed by graphic novelists Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes, a pithy catchphrase (“Things Are Going to Be OK”) and a vaguely citrus-y taste, OK Soda was unleashed on a few markets around the country. The soda even came with a “manifesto,” with phrases like “What’s the point of OK? Well, what’s the point of anything?” printed on the can. Unsurprisingly, a soda featuring sad-looking Gen X-ers staring you down while you guzzle failed to connect with the public. Coke discontinued the beverage, but it has achieved something of a cult following on the Web.

I always thought it tasted like mop water. Not that I know what mop water tastes like. Shut up.

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Bansky on Advertising

Do you agree with this sentiment?

Bansky on Advertising

Don Draper on the topic of cigarettes

Mad Men Don Draper

“People were buying cigarettes before Freud was born.” – Don Draper

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Angry Birds meets Mad Men
New ‘Mad Men’ ad shows falling man

An old SNL photo

Isn’t it funny how we get nostalgic about old Saturday Night Live casts even though we thought they were terrible at the time? Maybe they have been getting progressively worse?