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Woman’s baby cut from womb while responding to Craigslist ad

Dynel Catrece Lane, 34

Suspect Dynel Catrece Lane – age 34 (Photo: Boulder County Sheriff’s Department)

What in the actual F is the matter with people?

A 26-year-old Longmont woman who was seven months pregnant showed up at a home Wednesday to buy baby clothes she’d seen in a Craigslist post.

What police say happened then is horrific: The 34-year-old woman named Dynel Catrece who lives at the home, in the 1600 block of Green Place in Longmont, CO stabbed the pregnant woman and “removed” her baby.

The baby did not survive.

Speaking to the Longmont Times-Call, the Boulder County District Attorney Stanley Garnett described Colorado laws involving crimes against an unborn child as “complicated.”

“In most circumstances, if a child was not actually born alive, then homicide charges are not possible,” Garnett told the newspaper, adding that charges would not need to be filed until next week.

It’s likely the most serious charge that Lane would face may be attempted first-degree murder, a class two felony punishable by 16 to 48 years in prison.

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Christian Forums: Good Question

Christian Forums


Fair Game or Bad taste?

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (aka, Dick Weed) will appear on the cover of the Aug. 3 edition of Rolling Stone magazine.


Not sure why we are so surprised when stuff like this happens in journalism. This is how it’s always been done (see below). They’ll keep doing it as long as we’re buying.

The creepiest of creepy family photos

Marilyn and Dennis DePue

Marilyn and Dennis DePue

Guy looks perfectly normal right? NOPE! His name is Dennis DuPue. His wife filed for divorce, he retaliated. He shot his wife in the back of the head. He left her body behind an abandoned church, and had been on the run ever since. This case first aired on the March 20, 1991 episode of Unsolved Mysteries (the show with the freakiest intro music ever).

This dude’s face will haunt me tonight. You’re welcome.

Don’t worry. He was caught.

Everyone enjoys a nice murder

I agree with Alfred Hitchcock.

Everyone enjoys a nice murder

360-degree panoramic images of NYC crime scenes

360-degree panoramic images of NYC crime scenes

Undercover narcotics officers chased a 15-year-old suspected of having a firearm into a building courtyard. After firing at him, police learned that the suspect was holding a pellet gun covered with black tape, not a real gun. The boy was hospitalized and was later charged in family court. The investigation is closed.

In 2009, the NYPD started using a camera called the Panoscan to capture high-resolution, 360-degree panoramic images of crime scenes. This new view is much better than photo snapshots or handheld video camera recordings because it captures everything surrounding the crime scene (even above in the sky). This allows investigators to point and click over evidence from a scene that they might have missed in the hectic hours after the crime.

Click here to view some of the real crime scenes in all of their gore and rawness. Humanity can be ugly.
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Arsenic fun facts

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Many murderers who employ poison as their weapon of choice favor arsenic, but it’s not that perfect a means to murder. For one, you can’t put arsenic in a cold beverage without it being visable – the white powder will float on top. If the poisoner uses a hot beverage, the poison will dissolve very well, but when the beverage cools, it will float to the top as visable sediment. If the beverage has milk in it, such as hot tea, coffee, or cocoa, the arsenic will curdle the milk. Arsenic is also unreliable as a killer. While there have been cases of some people dying after receiving an infinitesimal amount, such as two grams, one woman who atttempted suicide took 230 grams and her only complaint was indigestion for three days.

If foul play is suspected when someone dies, it is a fairly easy procedure for the medical examiner to determine if someone has been poisoned with arsenic. Residue will linger indefinitely in fingernails, bones, and other parts of the body. In terms of a victim detecting it when it is used on them as a murder weapon, arsenic is virtually tasteless and a very small dose can cause death. It is also possible to give arsenic to someone in small doses over a period of time – it will build up in the body and eventually cause death. The person will get sicker and sicker as the arsenic akes effect, and the symptoms appear to be any of a number of nonlethal, everyday maladies. Arsenic first came into existence in the eight century, and for the next several centuries it was not able to be detected – imagine how many victims it may have claimed during this time that we will never know about.