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Trap shooting with a tank

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How to sleep safely

How to sleep safely


Pew! Pew! Pew!



Isn’t it time you gave yourself a Christmas gift?

gun xmas


Christian school in Arkansas posts sign warning of armed teachers

Christian school defies Arkansas attorney general and posts sign warning of armed teachers. [Full story]


Russian Pirate in 3,2,1…

russian pirate

This is a Russian Orthodox priest giving a blessing over a pile of guns.

2nd Amendment Fails

Guns in the hands of idiots.

How to stop mass shootings

A pro-gun message here from Colion Noir on how to stop the mass killing madness. If you care about this debate, then you should listen to both anti-gun and pro-gun points of view. Both sides have some very valid points.

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What about his message did you like/dislike?

Archie Bunker on Gun Control

Buy All in the Family on DVD here.

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Duquan is about to update is profile image

Hope he presses the right button for this picture.

Hope he presses the right button for this picture.
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