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A Very Megadeth Christmas

A Very Megadeth Christmas

Thanks Junior

How Dave Mustaine sees us

Pop Stars Gone Metal

Heavy metal versions of pop star t-shirts.

Heavy metal versions of pop star t-shirts.

Available soon.

If you like these, maybe you’ll like these 80s metal swimsuits.

Mastodon: Crack the skye

Crack the Skye by Mastodon from the album Crack the Skye. New music for you to work out to as you attempt that new years resolution to exercise more.

Here is Mastodon covering Metallica’s “Orion.”

Slaying in a winter wonderland

Heavy metal giants Slayer are selling a Christmas sweater that is covered is recognizable hardcore Slayer artwork, colors and icons that also allows the wearer to show off their Christmas spirit. It is available to purchase on the Slayer official merchandise store (currently sold out).

Slayer are selling a Christmas sweater.

image via Slayer official merchandise store

(via Metal Hammer)

Heavy Metal Band Name Generator

Need a name for your band? Try this basic exercise,  use one of these “metal” fonts, and you’ll soon have groupie chicks wearing these back stage.

Heavy Metal Band Name Generator

Basic rules for creating a band name
The Day Metallica Came to Church
The Heavy Metal Alphabet
The first known all-African-American heavy metal band
Swimsuits for chicks into 80s Metal

Random news from around the world

Mangyongdae Fun Fair

Flickr photo by outvision

1. Want to see pictures of North Korea’s rusting, dilapidated amusement park. Apparently the government has to bus in a few loads of forced patrons just to keep the park from being absolutely empty. Full story here.
2. Barry Deley, a British-Columbian sports anchor, wins a house worth $2.5 million live on the air. When the winning name is drawn, it quickly dawns on the news team that it’s their own sportscaster. Watch video.
3. This is worth another mention. Check out this funny collection of dating videos from the 80s.
4. Options for Bunker Living. I’ve always wondered where they park their car? Story here.

The Conversationalist

Photo: Richard Sennott, Star Tribune

4. I love this story about a guy named Taylor Baldry who thinks we have forgotton how satisfying it is to have fce-to-face conversations with people. He recently set up a table and chairs at Lake Calhoun with a sign that read “Free Conversations.” He has a menu board of topics he’ll discuss with you. For more than 2 1/2 hours, the folding chairs were never empty. (full story)
5. I love tree houses! I have never had one, but I think I want to build one someday. Maybe I’ll hire German treehouse design firm Baumraum to build it. Then I could have something like this!

Euro Design Custom Treehouses by Baumraum

Euro Design Custom Treehouses by Baumraum

6. Metal Detector: While rarely heard on the Auto-Tuned airwaves, heavy metal has been ascending in popularity in recent months. Check out some of the new bands paving the way. Read more…


The F*$!ing Wrath - Listen here: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2011/08/listen_to_new_f.html#more

New metal band: The F*$!ing Wrath

Listen to them here: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2011/08/listen_to_new_f.html#more

Testament cover of Metallica’s Seek and Destroy

This Testament cover of Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy” is sure to melt your computer speakers. Turn it up! I think I like Chuck Billy’s vocals more on this song than I like Hetfield.

Thanks for the tip Junior.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Circa 1987

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Circa 1987 from LIFE magazine. Thanks for sharing Bag of Nothing.

Ozzy and Sharon

The first known all-African-American heavy metal band

This is a picture of the first known all-African-American heavy metal band. Black Death formed in the late 1970’s and hailed from Cleveland, OH where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located. Coincidence? I think not. Read about them here. Check out their music here on Amazon.

The dude standing middle in the back needs to work a bit on his metal face, but the rest of them pretty much blow my metal mind. (via 9GAG)

black metal band

The band “Black Death” circa 1979

Recommended metal reading: Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal