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Best Fail Videos of 2015

Fail Army presents part one of their annual year-end roundup of the cringe-inducing fail videos that went viral in 2015.

Watch this lady completely get owned on a motorbike

Poor woman clearly can’t find the brakes and uses a trampoline to stop instead.

Bad Lip Reading of Hunger Games Catching Fire

This is quality humor here.

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More Bad Lip Reading videos

Things toddlers can get away with that adults can’t

Funny video of things you should just try at the next party you get invited to.

Best Videobombs Compilation

Funny moments captured on the kiss cam

Pranks Gone Wrong

Karma is a bitch. 

Harry Potter Dementor prank

What would you do if you were minding your own business and saw this happen?

Top 50 Vine Scare Cam

A ton of scare pranks posted to Vine. Hilarious. Enjoy.

Thanks Joel


2013 was filled with incredible news bloopers. This massive compilation reminds us why the internet was invented.