The Day Metallica Came to Church

John Van Sloten is a pastor at New Hope Church in Calgary.

John Van Sloten is a pastor at New Hope Church in Calgary.

What does the music of Metallica have to do with God? According to author and pastor John Van Sloten, a lot. God can speak through their music – if we’re listening, he says. Van Sloten has built a church around the band’s music and lyrics and shows us first hand how God uses many things (including heavy metal music) to call his children home. In fact, Van Sloten shows how God can speak to us through anything and everything – heavy metal music, R-rated films, sports, and even the latest fashions. If you’re listening, his book The Day Metallica Came to Church might just change the way you hear God’s voice – and how you live in today’s world.

You can read the first chapter for free by clicking here. I recommend it. You can buy it here.

The Day Metallica Came to Church

4 responses to “The Day Metallica Came to Church

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  3. I’ve been a fan of Metallica all of my life but never really listened to Hetfield’s lyrics from a Biblical standpoint. Some of the connections to scripture he makes are striking. Nevertheless, I haven’t cared for much of their music since the Black album.


  4. Jared Daugherty

    Interesting to say the least, good concept and great things to wrestle with in regards to how we do ministry and see how we can redeem culture through God’s lens whether through music like Metalica or movies…