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Monday Music Rewind: Dada

dada music

Source: Don Ptashne photography laphotopro.com

Dada is a three piece rock band from California (United States). The band is made up of Michael Gurley (guitar/co-lead vocals), Joie Calio (bass/co-lead vocals) and Phil Leavitt (drums). They are still around today. This song “Dim” is from the album Puzzle (1992). Enjoy.

Their website is http://dadatheband.com/

Buy this song here.

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The first known all-African-American heavy metal band

This is a picture of the first known all-African-American heavy metal band. Black Death formed in the late 1970’s and hailed from Cleveland, OH where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located. Coincidence? I think not. Read about them here. Check out their music here on Amazon.

The dude standing middle in the back needs to work a bit on his metal face, but the rest of them pretty much blow my metal mind. (via 9GAG)

black metal band

The band “Black Death” circa 1979

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